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Rachuba Law Offices, P.C. is a regional Estates, Trusts and Business Law firm serving the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley regions. We are located in Doylestown, Bucks County and Center Valley, Lehigh County. We work with clients by reviewing their personal and financial circumstances and discussing their ideas and wishes to prepare a custom estate plan. Whether a plan calls for the preparation of a Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will, or a more complex plan which calls for tax-saving or special needs trusts, business succession provisions or charitable bequests, Rachuba Law Offices has the experience to create an estate plan which works for each individual client. Founder, Anthony S. Rachuba, IV works with many well-respected and trusted financial planners and accountants in both the Greater Philadelphia Area and Lehigh Valley. The goal is to produce a collaborative estate plan, which includes input from a client’s financial planner and accountant. Whether the client is a business owner, professional, or has a family member with a disability, it is essential for the attorney, financial planner and accountant to assist in the design and implementation of the client’s estate plan.Rachuba Law Offices also represents executors and trustees in the administration of estates and trusts. Upon the death of a loved one, clients are guided from the probate of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament through the filing of the necessary estate/inheritance tax returns and ultimately the distribution of the estate to the appropriate beneficiaries. If you or someone you know needs assistance in the estate/trust planning or administration area, or needs assistance with starting a business or transitioning a business to new ownership, please contact Rachuba Law Offices.


February 5, 2018, 11:36 pm
“Anthony collaborated with my accountant, Los Angeles attorney and my company’s executives in creating and implementing my estate plan. His … read more


Estate Planning Provides Protection for Business Owners  All business owners can benefit from some level of estate planning. Building protection into your business plan is one of the most important decisions you can make to safeguard your partners, your employees and your family. Here, we will discuss...

Executing a Last Will and Testement
Each state has formal requirements for preparing and executing a will. The person making the will is called the testator. Generally, the testator must declare that the document that is being signed is the testator's will. The signature must be witnessed by a minimum of two or...

If I am a Pennsylvania Resident and I Die Without a Will Does the State Take My Assets?
It is a common misconception that if you die in Pennsylvania without a will that everything will be left to the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s statutes, specifically its intestacy statutes, provides a scheme as to who is entitled to your assets...

What is a Revocable Trust?
A revocable living trust is a written agreement designating someone to be responsible for managing your property. It is called “living” because it is established while you are still alive. It is called “revocable” because the creator can change or...

IRS  Announces 2018 Federal Estate and  Gift Figures
The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has announced the 2018 Federal Estate and Gift Tax Exemption Amounts.  The Federal Estate and Gift Tax exemption for 2018 is $5,600,000 (up from $5,490,000 in 2017). The exemptions are increased for inflation each year. A married couple can pass a combined $11,200,000 without paying any Federal Estate or...


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